Keep Your Employees Happy With These 4 Unique Ideas

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As an employer and small-business owner, you know that the way to success is ensuring that your employees feel fulfilled in their work and happy being employed by your business. This is important because, as ZenBusiness notes, it generally takes $7,000-$14,000 to replace an employee. Not to mention that benefits are a powerful recruiting tool that can attract the best of the best to work for your company. So what can you do?

Long Distance Running takes a look at five unique benefits you can offer to your employees to keep them healthy, happy, and onboard with your company:

1. Offer nutritional and wellness benefits

There are several ways you can go about providing health-conscious benefits to your employees. Some offices invest time and energy into a “wellness room” at work, an area for employees to focus on their physical and mental health while grinding that nine-to-five. They can take small breaks to escape to the wellness area to meditate, do mild yoga or stretches, or relax in a quiet place without interruption.

Other benefits in this category could be wrapped up in the education of wellness and nutrition principles, along with incentive programs for maintaining particular health status. For example, you can incorporate an employee wellness program with your employees’ health insurance. Just make sure you have the proper documentation for this and remember that business practices impact insurance premiums.

2. Make transportation easier

If your employees have to commute too far, it could impact both their finances and their willingness to work for you. Being too tired to drive is a real danger if folks are traveling for work, leading employees to seek a job elsewhere. However, offering commuter benefits is one way to invest in your workers and prove that you care about retaining their services enough to reimburse them for driving or offer public transportation credits.

3. Manage payroll more effectively

Getting paid for the incredible work for your business is most likely foremost in your employees’ minds. If your payroll process is slow or cumbersome, it can reflect how they feel about you and the business itself. Investing in payroll software that offers same-day direct deposit service can ensure you’re getting your construction employees paid. These types of tools are easy to use: Put in the hours they have worked and set a payroll schedule, and the money appears in their bank accounts on the day you set. This will go a long way toward keeping your people content since they will be confident their money is coming on time.

4. Support educational aspirations

Companies have successfully provided educational incentive programs because it shows that they are supporting learning and understand the importance of education in their employees’ lives. You can offer student loan debt reimbursement or flexible hours if employees are trying to earn a degree. Large corporations have found success in related programs. For instance, Walmart allows associates to apply for financial assistance to earn a business or supply chain management degree.

Appreciate your employees

With these key benefits, you can show your employees that you are invested in not only the work they’re doing for you but also in their well-being and continued success. When you appreciate your workers, they will return the favor.

The authors at Long Distance Running are a group of qualified dietitians, personal trainers, psychiatrists, and others who have a holistic approach to health, weight loss, and exercise, focusing on success rather than perfection. Read on for more informative articles today!

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