How to Breathe While Running Long Distance

by Rana Adnan / on 29 June, 2023

How to Breathe While Running Long Distance

Proper breathing will make a big difference in your overall comfort and efficiency when it comes to running. Although your body can adjust your breathing pattern in response to changes in your activity level, you can have breathing patterns according to your ability to
by Rana Adnan / on 22 June, 2023

How to Run Without Getting Tired

When new runners get winded shortly after starting a race, they get irritated. While others can inform you that you’re clearly out of shape, the problem isn’t with your fitness level; instead, it’s with the pace at which you’re running and how you’re running.
by Rana Adnan / on 8 May, 2023

32 Tips For Long Distance Running Beginners

Short-distance running is beneficial to your health, but long-distance running is an excellent method to enhance your fitness and reduce stress. According to specialists, long-distance runners have better cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, more self-esteem, and faster metabolism. One of the most