How to Improve Running Speed and Endurance?

by Rana Adnan / on 2 July, 2023

How to Improve Running Speed and Endurance?

When you’ve been running at a consistent speed for a time, it’s all too easy to hit a wall. However, there are several methods for increasing endurance and learning how to run faster without becoming exhausted. Setting new performance objectives for your runs when
by Rana Adnan / on 29 June, 2023

How to Breathe While Running Long Distance

Proper breathing will make a big difference in your overall comfort and efficiency when it comes to running. Although your body can adjust your breathing pattern in response to changes in your activity level, you can have breathing patterns according to your ability to
by Rana Adnan / on 26 June, 2023

Warm-Ups, Cool-Downs, and Stretching for Running

Any run should begin with a warm-up and conclude with a cool-down. These two exercises will help you train for your best performance during a run and heal after your race. Benefits of a Running Warm-Up Before you use your muscles for intense exercise,
by Rana Adnan / on 26 June, 2023

Is Forefoot Running Better Than Heel Striking?

Every runner has their stride, form, and footstrike. However, there are no certain general rules for proper running style, where the feet land is often a matter of personal choice. There is no clear winner when it comes to which footstrike is the best,
by Rana Adnan / on 22 June, 2023

Tips to Stay Safe While Running

An outdoor run is unquestionably one of the most effective ways to burn calories while still taking advantage of being outdoors. Not only does being outdoors enhance your fitness and physical endurance, but it is often considered a restorative space for mental health among
by Rana Adnan / on 22 June, 2023

How to Deal with Side Stitch pain

An all-too-familiar sharp pain in your side will halt you in your tracks if you’re out running or doing some other kind of exercise. If you’ve ever had a side stitch, sometimes called a muscle stitch or exercise-related intermittent abdominal pain (ETAP), you know
by Rana Adnan / on 22 June, 2023

Tips to Practice Mindfulness when running

What is Mindfulness and How to Practice Mindfulness While Running Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the current moment, which is an important skill to have while doing some kind of physical activity. Running with mindfulness will help you relax and get
by Rana Adnan / on 22 June, 2023

How to Run Without Getting Tired

When new runners get winded shortly after starting a race, they get irritated. While others can inform you that you’re clearly out of shape, the problem isn’t with your fitness level; instead, it’s with the pace at which you’re running and how you’re running.
by Rana Adnan / on 22 June, 2023

How To Improve Your Strides Without Trying

Chi Running and the Pose method are two branded running methods that have become very common. Are they, however, effective? Many runners who have read the books, watched the DVDs and attended the clinics claim they are, and there is no question that they
by Rana Adnan / on 22 June, 2023

Tips for Proper Running Form

Improving your running style will make you run faster, more safely, and easier while still putting less strain on your body and lowering your risk of injury. Running in proper form decreases fatigue and means that you get the most out of the workout.
by Rana Adnan / on 21 June, 2023

What to Do If You’re Addicted to Runner’s High?

We all know how good it feels to get and stay healthy by exercise, but it may also feel so good that people can wonder if they can get high by working out. Is it safe for you or bad for you if you
by Rana Adnan / on 15 May, 2023

How to Train for Long Distance Running?

As the name implies, long-distance running entails running for extended lengths of time, generally at least 3000 meters. When most people think of long-distance running, they envision a stroll through the neighborhood or laps around a track. Distance running emphasizes cardiovascular endurance and is
by Rana Adnan / on 23 February, 2023

How to Do the Run Walk Method

The run/walk technique can be an efficient, reliable method for safely improving your stamina and speed, whether you’re new to running or a seasoned runner. If you want to run in races, you will be able to decrease your race times. Since they lack